Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Gems From The Sporting News

Some mope from The Sporting News has an early, early look at the 2009 College Hoops season. Included is two local gems - one for each MU and UW.
- First, Bucky who he puts in the "Contenders for a #1 Seed" category.

Wisconsin. Bo Ryan can do more with less than almost any coach in the country. Too bad for the Big Ten that the Badgers -- led by Trevon Hughes and Marcus Landry -- are oozing talent.

OK, even the most die hard Badger fans would have a hard time believing they have #1 seed potential. Maybe they do, but I doubt it. And I'm sure even Badger Bo himself wouldn't describe next year's squad as "oozing talent." That's a reach.

- Next is MU, where said mope states:

Marquette. Remember that good hire Indiana made? The Golden Eagles will sorely miss Crean, a great recruiter and even better coach. Juniors Dominic James, Jerel McNeal and Wesley Matthews have to decide whether to move on to the NBA or return for their senior year. All three could use more seasoning, and their choices will determine whether Marquette will be a Big East contender or a rebuilding project.

Please, even the biggest Crean/MU lover would have a near impossible task of honestly saying Tommy TanTan was a better coach than recruiter. That's like saying Brauny is a better 3rd baseman than slugger.


Anonymous said...

One reporter can never cover the entire college game (any sport). There is just too much to know and everyone who does it just ends up looking stupid.

Just like the one idiot who claimed Wisconsin wouldn't do much in the tournament because they struggle to score 50 in each game. No research - just throw things out there and hope nobody knows you have no clue what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Great photo Brad. You are a real class act!