Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk, KU

As a Kansas native, my dog is thrilled with last nights result. As a Kansas resident for four years, I could care less. Someone else who is thrilled with last night's result is Rich H., winner of this year's Greater Chuckie Hacks Open! OK, last nights' results really didn't matter since Rich had UCLA winning it all and already had our little competition wrapped up, but a great game to watch none the less. I really thought the turning point was following the time out after KU cut the deficit to 7 and the stole the in bounds pass and drained the 3. That was huge.

For full GCHO standings, please go here. For a look at the top 5:
  1. Rich H. - 172 points; 45 games picked correctly; Correctly picked all the Final Four teams and 7 of the 8 Elite 8 teams. Thanks Badgers.
  2. Andy D. - 162 points; 42 games; One of only 2 people to pick Kansas to win it all.
  3. Goldy - 158 points; 47 games (led the group); Had a Carolina-UCLA final. That killed me.
  4. Matt Z. - 144 points, 44 games; Had all the Final four Teams but also had a Carolina-Bruins title game.
  5. Angela C. 144 points; 44 games; Tied for 4th. Had Memphis winning it all. This would have vaulted her to second place. Angela's husband finished in 9th. She should probably take over his duties on this blog.

Congrats to Rich H. on winning this prestigious competition. Unfortunately the Chuckie Hacks prize vault is limited. I could probably go to the big Rubbermade tub in my basement and pick out a random Starting LineUp figurine for you, but you would end up with something like Juan Samuel and it really wouldn't be worth anybody's time. So, if you feel like it, write up a post on whatever you want and we will post it to the blog. Send it to chuckie_hacks@yahoo.com. What an honor, I know.

Again, thanks to all who participated and who come and check out our little slice of the internet.

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