Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

A man named Buzz is now the head coach of your Marquette Warriors.

Interesting. Don't know a damn thing about him, never heard of him, but then again...who knows anything about college basketball assistants? I sure as hell don't.

The reasons behind the hire seem logical. They couldn't pry away any nationally known coaching talent (ie...Tony Bennett or the guy from Xavier), so they instead stay in house and get a guy who the players know that should be able to hold the team together the first transition year.

Apparently he's a top-notch recruiter. They say he's mostly responsible for the 08-09 recruiting class, so hopefully after his press-conference this morning he starts hopping planes around to the incoming guys to calm any nerves. He reiterated the maintaining the recruits would be his number 1 priority right away in an interview he did last night.

Oh...and apparently Doc Rivers likes him...but take that for what's its worth I guess.

On a more irrelevant note: take a look at his head shot in the journal. I saw that this morning and immediately thought he looked like he belonged in a Bill Brasky SNL skit.
Good Luck Buzz!


Nubs said...

Kind of on the fence on this one. But weveryone I have talked to inside MU are excited. I trust and respect them enought that I like the hire.

Anonymous said...

I really hope he uses his real name (Brent) from now on. Everytime I hear Buzz I think of the older brother from Home Alone, lol.

matt said...

I'm excited about the Buzz era.

brad said...

Sounds like they just hired this guy to clot the bleeding, which can be good: Tom Izzo, The Purdue head coach...or bad, See: Bill Guthridge, UNC.

How about Homer Drew's kid from Baylor? He took them to the tournament last year, which is a small miracle. Considering where they were 3 years ago, it's a gigantic miracle. That's my pick, but I'm not sure the MU brass considers Chuckie Hacks bloggers opinions when making decisions.

Goldy said...

I think a more recent example of what Brad is talking about would be Frank Martin at Kansas State. The only reason he got the gob was so that the could keep Beasley.

garcia said...

What happened? Did your boy Freeway decline the position?

matt said...

Mike Hunt thinks this is a bad move.

Which should give you Marquette fans hope, since Hunt is rarely correct.