Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Packers Schedule Released

...and the Green Bay season ticket holders (Green package) are not happy. The Milwaukee (Gold) package only gets two regular season games a year. They hit the jackpot with a Dallas Sunday Nighter and the Bears. PackerNews.com writer Mike Vandermause is championing the cause of the Green package holders:

Yes, Green Bay ticket holders get to see the Indianapolis game, featuring Peyton Manning, at 3:15 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19, at Lambeau Field. But there’s also “dog” games against Atlanta, Carolina, Houston and Detroit.Why the Milwaukee ticket holders didn’t get one of those games is beyond comprehension.

As a Gold Package owner, I'm giddy.

Mon., Sept. 8 Minnesota Vikings 6 p.m. ESPN
Sun., Sept. 14 @ Detroit Lions 12 noon FOX
Sun., Sept. 21 Dallas Cowboys (Gold Pkg.) 7:15 p.m. NBC
Sun., Sept. 28 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12 noon FOX
Sun., Oct. 5 Atlanta Falcons 12 noon FOX
Sun., Oct. 12 @ Seattle Seahawks 3:15 p.m. FOX
Sun., Oct. 19 Indianapolis Colts 3:15 p.m. CBS
Sun., Oct. 26 Open Date
Sun., Nov. 2 @ Tennessee Titans 12 noon FOX
Sun., Nov. 9 @ Minnesota Vikings 12 noon FOX
Sun., Nov. 16 Chicago Bears (Gold Pkg.) *12 noon FOX
Mon., Nov. 24 @ New Orleans Saints 7:30 p.m. ESPN
Sun., Nov. 30 Carolina Panthers *12 noon FOX
Sun., Dec. 7 Houston Texans *12 noon CBS
Sun., Dec. 14 @ Jacksonville Jaguars *12 noon FOX
Mon., Dec. 22 @ Chicago Bears 7:30 p.m. ESPN
Sun., Dec. 28 Detroit Lions *12 noon FOX


matt said...

I'm thinking 2-14 this year after looking at that schedule.

brad said...

Matt's prediction means good things for the Pack!

Anonymous said...

2-14 Matt??
We have Aaron Freakin' Rodgers.
That's all we need man.
At least 10-6

Ted Thompson said...

Does anyone think I need to get a backup quarterback for Rodgers? Or should I go D-Tackle again in the draft this year?

Anonymous said...

Brad is all giddy for a schedule that it not aplicable for months.

brad said...

No, I'm giddy to see the two games I have tickets for are Dallas and Chicago, rather than Houston and Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

GB package ticketholders will be lucky to not have to see the team get killed in the Dallas game.

MGD Mike said...

I would be more Giddy if Ted Thomson had not run our Hall of Fame QB out of town......Still 11-5 is reachable.