Tuesday, April 15, 2008

St Louis 6, Milwaukee 1

Jack Clark was sweet!

  • Hey, look! It's beard night in St Louis. Looper, Prince, Gross, Bush, and Franklin all sporting the facial hair. And get this...ZZ Top performed the National Anthem! I made that last sentence up.
  • Bush pitched just good enough to get a couple more starts. That's bad news for Brewers fans.
  • Does Ned really expect to generate offense with Gross and Dillon batting 2 and 3? Dillon did look good, though. However, for some reason, Gross got the start in CF over Kapler who's hitting about .800 this year.
  • And why was Braun off? He just had an off day to clear his head yesterday.
  • Prince showing patients with 4 walks...I like it! Mix in a bacon cheeseburger Big Poppa.
  • Turnbow - stick a fork in him, he's done. If he never pitches another inning with the Crew, it will be too soon.
  • That bully looks worse and worse every day....except for Shousy.
  • Big one tomorrow. I see a Villy bouncing back with a nice outing after getting roughed up by the Mets last weekend.


manbearpig said...

report was that Kapler hurt himself in batting practice... strained a rib or something. And I thought they said that Brauny had strained something in NY and he was being given an extra day off to rest. But when I saw that coupled with Bush on the bump I was pretty much writing off last night as a "L".

I agree that Prince needs to start mixing the burgers back into his diet. 13 games in... no bombs yet. Coincidence??? hmmmmmm

matt said...

Gross is only in there at this point because the Brewers are on their 4th string CF (Cameron suspended, Gwynn and Kapler hurt). He's useless.

More than 1/2 way through the Cameron suspension now...

matt said...

...and I don't think it's fair to say that the bullpen is looking worse and worse every game. Just on Sunday (or exactly 1 game ago), the bullpen had to go something like 5 innings against the Mets after Suppan got knocked around, and they held the Mets until the Brewers could crawl back into the game and eventually win it.

Anonymous said...

Brad- Its not fair to judge the bullpen when the first month of the season isnt even over.

Turnbow is terrible..we all know that. Gagne has come around after blowing 2 saves.