Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not Much Going on in Calgary Right Now

As part of my quick Youppi research, I found this "gem" from the beacon of journalism known as the Calgary Herald. I am not really sure what the point of this column is, outside of the fact that the author doesn't like baseball. Almost makes Mike Hunt's work seem reasonable. Almost.

The first paragraph consists of the following gem:

Baseball keeps trying to kill itself, but the angel of death is a lefty with a drinker's paunch, crudely tattooed, from a north Florida trailer park, who spends most of his day thinking up new names for his penis and wondering whether the caramel-skinned blond in the cut-off shirt drinking a beer and sitting in Section 4 is actually a man.

Alrighty then.

Really, the reason I am posting this is because of two elements that were on the Calgary Heralds web page that have nothing to do with this article. The first is an advertisement proclaiming that I can enter to win a chance to see Rush in concert. Wow!. Only in Canada (and probably Milwaukee). Second, at the time I posted this (1000 CST), the web site let me know that it was minus 9 degree Celsius in Calgary with light snow. That's about 16 degree Fahrenheit. Yikes. Not the kind of weather I would want in late April. They better hope the Flames win Game 7 tonight.

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