Monday, April 14, 2008

Lou on the Red Bull

In an article in today's Chicago Tribune about Zambrano's caffeine problems, Piniella provides a humorous quote:

"I've never had Red Bull in my life, but I've actually seen people at a bar order Red Bull and vodka," Piniella said. "I can't comprehend that. If I had a couple of those things, I'd be like the malt liquor bull (from the old TV commercials) leaving the bar. My lord."

That's awesome. I would hope Billy Dee Williams would be involved in some capacity. Cold Cock!

Now Lou states that he would be like the bull after a couple. But what if he had 10 plus Red Bull and vodkas in one sitting and was part of a group that drank the Venetian Sports Book out of Red Bull? Would he wonder the streets of Vegas saying things like, "Seven-up. I fell" and rearranging pictures on hotel room walls? Things to consider.


matt said...

Or would he end up in the Venetian parking garage while trying to navigate that maze of a hotel to get back to his room? Or have to talk a non-English speaking hotel worker into letting him into his room when he realized he had no key?

Other questions to consider.

Anonymous said...

No Tony LaVodka jokes? Disappointing...