Monday, April 14, 2008

Jenkins, The Next Rickey Henderson

While we are on the Jenks topic, anybody see he batted leadoff yesterday? It was the first time in his 11-year career. Jenks and his teammates had a good laugh about it. He went 2-6.

"Of all the lineups I projected in my head, Jenks leading off was not one of them," Jason Werth said. "That's why I love Charlie [Manuel]. When I stopped laughing, I thought, 'That might work. That might really work.'"

"I told [Manuel] I had to have the green light. He said, 'Hey ... no,'" said Jenkins, who stole a career-high 11 bases in 12 attempts in 2000. "They say you can see something in this game you've never seen. I just saw it. But hey, we have a glitch in the system right now. A few guys are banged up and we have to pick up the slack. That's what good teams do.

"I'm Rickey Henderson."

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manbearpig said...

Does this mean that Jenks is going to start talking in the third person? Will it be "Jenks likes hitting lead off. Jenks is looking forward to it" or "Geoff is gonna be patient and pick his pitch"?