Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A little behind...are we?

What's this? Deadspin links a blog who writes about Mo Williams' ridiculous injury (pubic symphysitis).

Too bad this story is a month old and I wrote about it the day after the injury report came out.

This just goes to show that politics are still alive and well in the blogging world, and that it is tough for the little guy to make his presence known. It's also yet another example of how Chuckie Hacks is your 1 stop shop for all groundbreaking WI sports news on the internets.

Or maybe I just like writing about myself. I'm not sure really. But we can all agree that it's funny that Mo Williams seriously missed a game due to pubic symphysitis.

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the other brad said...

I know I always go to Chuckie Hacks first when I'm looking for info on the pubic areas of my local athletes. Every other blog cannot come close to the coverage proviced by CH.