Monday, March 3, 2008

Where Mascots Flipping in to Old Security Guards Happens

An unrelated mascot incident.

Good times were had at the Bradley Center, soon to be Chuckie Hacks Arena, on Saturday night. Not positive if he is one of the 8 loyal readers, so we will go with "Friend of the Hacks", provided us with excellent tickets for the Bucks-Spurs tilt. Probably the best seats I have ever had at the BC outside of the VIP seats we were provided with for a Marquette game a few years back.

Anyhow, great game on Saturday night. The Bucks had a shot to beat the Spurs at home, or at least send it in to OT, but couldn't get it done. Let the Spurs score 15 in a row, but that's what happens when you have to depend on Charlie Bell and Royal with Cheese to run the show for the last quarter and a half.

First some basketball related thoughts:
  • You really get a much better feel for the game sitting 20 rows up at the top of the key than you do sitting 2 rows from the top of the Arena in the corner. I actually had to look up at the scoreboard. That was strange.
  • Bogut is a good player but does not seem to mesh with the coach. His body language during time-outs was terrible. Can't much blame him though. The Bucks need a new coach. One the players like.
  • Granted it was only one game but Duncan really looked old. Bogut pretty much shut him down. Duncan's been around for at least 10 years in the NBA and after spending 4 years in college has to be about 32 now and you have to wonder if he is slowing down a bit. Granted, over an 82 game season, a late February game in Milwaukee is as good a time as any to take a night off, but Duncan just looked terrible in all facets on Saturday.
  • Yi only played about 3 or 4 minutes. Charlie V didn't play that much either.
  • Was not aware that the Spurs had a slightly larger Tony Parker look-a-like.

On to the non-basketball excitement:

  • Lowlight of the night: The World's Ugliest Fan Contest. There is no way I can even begin to describe how stupid this was. It lasted for a whole commercial break, but seemed like it took about 20 minutes. They basically had someone walk out to center court with a big sheet over them and kept telling the crowd it was the world's ugliest fan. They had people look under the sheet and run away scared looking. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they pulled off the sheet and it was some fat teenager wearing a Tony Parker jersey. Honestly, dumbest in-game entertainment ever. They need to get the Asian chick who rides around on a unicycle and balances bowls on her head. That is some good stuff.
  • Highlight of the night: During a timeout in the fourth quarter, Bango was doing his thing and doing flips all around the floor. On his last run, he nailed an old security guard in the back with his last flip. It was great and only about a half-foot from a complete disaster. The amazing thing was, nobody seemed to notice what just happened. all 3 of us saw it, but nobody else seemed to acknowledge that we were mere inches from seeing a mascot kill an old guy. Again, words can't describe how entertaining this actually was.
  • Tony made a good point that the Bucks have gone downhill of late after they got rid of Streetlife.
  • The worlds largest display of Doublemint Gum is on display behind the Bucks bench. I would prefer Big League Chew. In high school I preferred that on the baseball diamond because of the sugar content. When I was little it mid me felt like I was taking a dip from a pouch just like my favorite major leaguers. What great marketing.
  • Energee! has some solid uniforms. And nice butts.
  • Tony celebrated his 237th birthday since 2001. Congrats Tony.
  • Closed the night out with some Real Chili. Not looking to make a habit of that.

All in all good times. As much as the Bucks suck right now, it's still worth it to hit up a game every now and then.


Woz said...

Real Chili is a must at least 2 times a week.

brad said...

Streelife is gone? They've been doing "I just want to bang on the drums all day" since 1988.

Anonymous said...

Streetlife has been at many 4 games total this year. Some games they play in the atrium before the game but that's it.

Good thing. They know 6 songs and have the exact same setlist every single year. 1999 called - they want Lenny Kravitz' "Fly Away" back.