Monday, March 24, 2008

Tourney Talk - On To Detroit

Welcome to Detroit...

Great weekend of basketball. Buzzer beaters, upsets, and overtime games all over the place. I'm sure glad College Football doesn't have one of these tournament things...sigh. Still hurts to think about the Marquette game. Those damn Brothers Lopez are just too tall. James: 4-16. Figures.

As for Bucky, they will win by 10. Steve Curry is just the type of guy everyone will be talking about all week, only to see Flowers put the clamps down. Oh, Curry will get his...he always does. The Badgers strength inside will be too much. I was impressed with Davidson scoring 74 on the stingy G-Town defense. I'll be giving a full report from Ford Field next week. MGD Mike and I got some tickets about a month ago, and it just so happens we won't be the Wisconsinites taking over "America's Baghdad:" Detroit. How about Villanova upsetting Kansas and Bucky rolls into the Final Four beating a 14, 11, 10, and 12 seed?

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