Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thompson: NFL Executive of the Year

Ted finally made Favre retire and inserts his guy at QB, right Matt?

Well, well, well Thompson haters. Looks like its not just me who appreciates good work when he sees it. The Sporting News named TT the NFL Executive of the Year. "Oh, but he has no idea what he's doing," cries TT haters.

"If I had told you before the season that the Packers would go 13-3 and make it to the NFC title game, you would've sent me to the loony bin," says Ron Wolf, the Packers' former general manager who hired Thompson in 1992 as assistant director of pro personnel. "Ted understands every aspect of how an organization works. That's why he was able to put together a winning team so quickly."

More gushing praise from Wolf:

"I'm sure the Packers had other needs at that point, but Ted saw the need for a young quarterback (Rodgers), and now that pick has a lot greater impact than it did at the time," says Wolf. "You can look pretty smart if you have a knack for planning ahead. That's Ted. The Packers are in good hands."


matt said...

Let's see what his team does now that Favre retired.

Anonymous said...

Any GM that loses Favre will struggle.

Anonymous said...

At least Thompson has tied the Packers with the Bears with two winners of the NFL Executive of the Year. Wolf won the award in 1992. For the Bears George Halas won the award in its second year 1956 and Mike McCaskey won it in 1995. I found a complete list of award winners at http://packersmix.blogspot.com/2008/03/nfl-executive-of-year-list-of-winners.html .