Tuesday, March 25, 2008

20 Questions With....

This is comedic gold. The Wisconsin State Journal had an article and 20 questions with Madison Memorial forward Jeronne Maymon. If you haven't herd of him, he was basically a man-child at the HS State tournament, carrying Memorial to the finals. UW and MU (among many) have shown interest, with no scholly offers to this point. Why? Well, as you will see, lets just say his academics are questionable.

My proudest high school basketball accomplishment has been: Winning the (Associated Press) Player of the Year Award.
My most memorable high school game has been: The game this season Minnetonka. How about an "against" after the word "season?"
Besides basketball, people know me for: Me being so goofy and making them laugh as well as being a handsome young man. People know you because you’re handsome, yeah right.
My basketball/athletic role model is (and why): Kobe Bryant because his swag that he is invincible. What?
The opposing team/player I most like to compete against is (and why): To tell the truth, I don’t even know if I like playing against everybody. Come again?
If I weren’t playing high school basketball in the winter, I would be: Working out or chillin’. Perfect.
My favorite fast-food restaurant is: TGI Friday’s. Not a fast food restaurant, but whatever.
My favorite radio station is: 106.7.
Top tunes on my iPod are: The Boss, Donks (Li’l Wayne), They Know Remix (Rick Ross), Hit Me on My Chip (Romey). Really? Me too!
My favorite place on the planet to hang out is: Everywhere. Um, a little more specific please?
The car I drive to school is a: I don’t drive a car.
The car I would dream of driving to school is a: A Chevy. Gold. Not a Corvette, not a Silverado…”A Chevy.”
My favorite class: English. Clearly.
Cumulative grade-point average: 2.3. That won’t even get you into Oshkosh!
My proudest academic/school-related accomplishment(s) has been: I don’t know. Interesting, go on…
In five years, I see myself: In school studying physical therapy. With grades like that, of course.
In 25 years, I see myself: Maybe chilling with my wife and five children in a nice house someplace hot watching my kids grow into young men and women. Good stuff


highplaya said...

The reporter could have helped the kid out. I don't like seeing a high schooler look that bad. Now the Madison area knows him for being very good at basketball, and for clearly not being smarter than a fifth grader. And I'm pretty confident he'll still get a DI scholarship.

Anonymous said...

This guy has Huggins all over him.

Wrigleyville said...

wow, kicking high school kids now? tough blog.

brad said...

I did think twice about doing this. Then I realized its actually more a statement about a college letting him in. Unless its Marquette, then its OK. Ha.

Anonymous said...

i know him pretty well...thats just how he is, the kid is just goofy. i can see why he looks dumb as hell in this article but if you knew him, you would have a different perspective

brad said...

OK, I can appreciate that. Tell him good luck next season...they should be pretty darn good once again.