Friday, March 28, 2008

Projected Batting Order

Based on everything I've been reading, it looks like the following is going to be your Milwaukee Brewers batting order (when Cameron's greenies suspension is over).

2B - Rickie Weeks
CF - Mike Cameron
1B - Prince Fielder
LF - Ryan Braun
3B - Bill Hall
RF - Corey Hart
SS - JJ Hardy
C - Jason Kendall

When Kendall isn't playing, the catcher will hit 8th. When Cameron isn't playing, it looks like Ned is leaning towards batting Hardy 2nd and the Gwynn/Kapler platoon (Kaplynn? - eveyone always comes up with a stupid name for those platoons) 7th.

Personally, I hate having Hall bat 5th, and think Hart will be hitting there before long. Those guys are both streaky hitters (although Hall streaked to the toilet all of year last year) so I could see that one switching quite often this year. Also not sold on the catcher hitting 9th theory - does Ned just do this to make all of the Ned haters furious? I'm OK with Braun hitting 4th, but could see that one flip-flopped too with Prince hitting cleanup based on how these guys start out of the gates. It hasn't hurt Braun any in Spring Training to hit 4th, that's for sure.


Benjamin said...

Hart will be 5th and Hall will be 6th. The rest is right. That's one tough lineup.

Krey said...

BTW, Gwynn is in the starting lineup for the first month.

Wrigleyville said...

shouldn't you hate rickie weeks leading off more?

Anonymous said...

Krey he said after Cameron's suspension this is the line up.