Friday, March 28, 2008

NL Central Preview: Chicago Cubs

As a reminder, for my NL Central preview I've scoured the interweb, and found a couple of fan comments about their particular team that I think are fairly representative of what each team's fans think of their prospects this season.

These were gathered mostly from the comment section that most websites now include with their stories (, Fox Sports, etc.) Please remember that any spelling errors or other ridiculous statemens are not mine - they come straight from fan comments.

Next up is the Chicago Cubs:


do you know what is sad? matter how much the cubs lose, we will still be more popular and beloved than the brewers or cards. but there is one difference this year-we are the reigning nl central champs. try and come up with 5 better teams than the cubs in the nl cuz you wont. we have a stacked lineup now with the addition of fukudome and if somebody can step up to be a decent 5th starter then well repeat this year.


Who else has the roster to even compete with them in the Central? An ESPN poll placed the Cubs as the second most likely team to run away with the division. Of course, that means very little, but it does show that the Cubs are the favorites to win the Central. I guess if I had to pick a second it would be the Reds, then Cards, Brewers, Pirates and Astros. Can't wait for baseball to start, so I can forget about Duh Bulls and the Illini's pathetic seasons. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see the Astros LOSE 100+ games.


For all of those bashing the Cub fans, try and walk in our shoes for one day. There is NO other feeling like being a Cub fan. Following a team year after winless year to the tune of an entire century can leave a few people bitter. We got to watch as our grandfathers suffered let down, our fathers, and now us. Forgive us if we're not following your definition of baseball etiquette.


You brewer fans can bash the Cubs all you want.You can say they choked,But come on who really choked.The brewers are the ones that choked down the stretch and gift wrapped the division for the cubs.I would rather see my team get a little more playoff experience then lay a big BLEEP down the stretch.When was the last time the brewers made the playoffs?Thats what I thought.All they have done is sign a bunch of ok players and somehow managed to BLEEP off there best player.So bash the cubs all you want,but you might want to take a look in that first base dugout at Miller Park before you start hateing on a team that was better than you last year.GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!

JA Adande

the cubs will win 90--they are a better team than last year, so its not out of the question to think they can win a couple more games. as much as i would like to think theyll win it all this year, its probably not going to happen. as kurkjian said, they have one number 1 pitcher, and four number 4's. dempster will be adequate, and if they sign marquis to one month contracts then maybe hell be good for a whole season! otherwise, come july he's gonna be terrible, as usual. they really should have gone with lieber over marquis. id say if they get brian roberts soon, and can nab another starting pitcher down the stretch then they have a good shot at being in world series contention. but as of right now, theyre 2 men short.

In summary....Jesus how to summarize this ridiculousness? I think in sum, Cubs fans think their team is one of the 5 best in the NL (might not be far off there), they can't help but rip on the Brewers and their fans at every opportunity (appreciate the concern, guys), they're loved even if they lose (get over it already), and you wouldn't want to walk in the shoes of a third generation Cubs fan (no argument there) and they probably won't win the World Series (unless they get Brian Roberts).


Anonymous said...

I would rather turn to the dark side of the force than be a Cubs fan.

Wrigleyville said...

anonymous is a nerd!