Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Most likely the Last Bucks Post of the Season

My god do the Bucks suck.

This is the lowest their team has ever been since the mid-90's when Big Dog when running the show alone. They lost last night at home to the worst team in Basketball, the Dwayne Wade-less Miami Heat. They are now on a 6 game losing streak, and have dropped 6 games back of the 8th playoff spot (ie...they are done).

At this point, 1 thing is for sure. The team is going to be blown up this offseason. It looks/feels like the Senator is going to clean house starting with the GM, which will probably lead to a new coach and a fresh bunch of players.

The Bucks bother me so much, I can barely write about them without getting angry. If you want to read some insightful stuff related to them, head over to The Bratwurst.

The only other meaningful stuff related to the Bucks is that Bill Simmons continues to mention them in his writing. His facebook group now has over 10,500 members.
Feel free to sign up for the group. It's gonna take something on that level for the Bucks to be relevant in Milwaukee again.


Everybody said...

Who are these "Bucks" you speak of?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the timing: today in the mail I get my season ticket renewal info for next year. And all over it they are stressing that tickets are not going up in price.

They are having all these drawings if you renew early. You can win a trip to the NY road game in April where you leave with the team on the charter after the home game here, meet with Kohl, stay at the team hotel and fly back with them on the charter.

JamJam said...

When the Senator should start cleaning the house, he should start with the Senator.