Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jim Powell - Not a Blog Fan

This was found on a very good Brewer blog named In-Between Hops.

It appears Brewer radio announcer and Bob Uecker ass-kisser Jim Powell is not a big fan of blogs. From his first (ironically enough) blog entry:

The world was bad enough when people just tried to jam their opinions down your throat while at the bubbler at work or school. Now everyone with an internet connection feels compelled to publish their every musing on any and all issues ad nauseam. I like my opinions just as everyone agrees with their own, but I have no impulse to believe that my every thought should be scrutinized and fleshed out by everyone else.

Hey Jim, you can click on a different website whenever you wish. Unfortunately, if we want to listen to Brewers baseball in our cars, we have no other choice but to listen to you. That's bad for us.


Anonymous said...

I wish Bob would just go off on him one of these days in a 20 minute profanity-laced tirade that ends with a crying Powell turning in his resignation.

Oops, I hope you didn't read that Jim.

Wrigleyville said...

very insightful, mr. powell...