Monday, March 3, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers Preview - in Poetry

Since I am a clever SOB...I was able to score writing the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers Preview for AOL Fanhouse. The only thing was...the preview had to written in poetry of sorts. Never one to shy away from a writing challenge, I threw together this little piece:

The brats are boiling in Brew-Town,
As fans of the Crew no longer frown.
With Braun and Fielder leading the way,
There's no need to worry about Turnblow's day.
We got JJ, Hart, Ben Sheets & beer,
It'll make you forget Jenkins played here!
If we can minimize Yost's decision-making,
The NL Central is ours for the taking.
The playoffs are looming so get on the train.
Us fans deserve it after years of pain!
Go Brewers!

I never miss opportunities to throw in a little Jenkins' bashing. Hopefully this Thoreau-esque poem becomes the platform of a dominating season.

Thanks to Pat over at the Pirates Blog Where have you gone Andy Van Slyke? for the hookup.

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