Monday, February 25, 2008

The new "Glue"

Geoff who?

Keeping alive the tradition of a veteran player being deemed "the Glue" in holding together the valuable young assets of the Milwaukee Brewers, Mike Cameron has apparently taken over for last year's glue, Geoff Jenkins.

Story on Cameron in today's JS:

"Allowed to work out daily in spring training before his suspension takes effect on opening day, Cameron is the glue holding together an outfield that includes rightfielder Corey Hart, with a little more than two years in the majors, and Braun, with a total of four months."

I'm still waiting on the T-shirt with Jenkins' face that says, "There will only be 1 Glue" or "You're my boy Glue!" or something like that.

As always, Chuckie Hacks will try and highlight every "Glue" reference this upcoming Brewer season.


brad said...

If Cameron started dropping "Obviously" left and right, that would really be sweet.

AP said...

I was still riding high from getting rid of the old Glue....