Monday, February 25, 2008

A Cornucopia Of Stuff

- The battle of the long pointy state (Tennessee) was a good watch. It really felt like a Final Four atmosphere in Memphis. The best part? When the building was dark, just one spotlight on the Memphis Tigers during introductions with Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" in the background. That was awesome.

- Bruce Pearl is amazing. I remember a few years ago they had a pretty good team (In the Marcus Haslip, Vincent Yarborough era) and the entire upper tank was empty. You could study for exams up there if you wanted. Men's Basketball was about 8th in the pecking order in Knoxville when Pearl took over after: Football, football, football, bitches basketball, football, baseball, and football. Not anymore. He can't stay there long term, right?

- "Weeks will never be a defensive dynamo at second base. But he still has that Baby Sheff waggle and enough natural ability to make an All-Star team with his offense. That's why Melvin turned down a Weeks-for-Chad Cordero trade offer from Washington while the Brewers were still looking for a closer."
How hard was Melvin laughing at this?

- This website is sure to make you chuckle. Fail Blog.

- This is also great. Guys and gals getting blasted in the grill with volleyballs.

- My guy Powder with some pub. He'll end up being a pretty good player at MU.


Woz said...

Where would Pearl go?

If they compensate him fairly he isn't going anywhere. College basketball coaches want power and money, two things Bruce Pearl has and will have more of in TENN.

For the most part, I don't think certain college BB jobs are "coveted" anymore like they were over a decade ago (jobs like UCLA, Kentucky, Indiana...other historic programs), unless a coach played for the program in his younger days.

There's plenty of good coaches turning around programs and making oodles of money for everyone in the process (see Billy Donovan).

Goldy said...

I didn't think that Memphis-Tenn game was very well played. The first 5 minutes was the most exciting college basketball I have seen this year, but it wasn't very good basketball. Way too many turnovers and guys not knowing what they are going to do with the ball. Also watche dStanford for the first time last night. Not that impressed.