Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interleague Schedule...Advantage: Cubs

A good breakdown of each division's interleague schedule from Home Run Derby shows the Cubs with a clear advantage over Milwaukee. Despite the NL Central being paired with the AL East, Chicago misses the Red Sox AND Yankees. WTF? That’s like missing Michigan and Ohio State in the Big-11.

Overall, the Cubs interleague opponents (BAL, TOR, TB, CWS twice) had a .447 winning percentage in 2007. That's a softer schedule than Bucky's football non conference slate (Cal-Poly?). Meanwhile, the Brewers' (BAL, @ BOS, TOR, MIN twice) foes was .501.

I call bullshit on this development….can’t Bud do something about this? “Ah, yeah, we’ve just changed the schedule for this upcoming year. Milwaukee will not be going to Fenway Park, they’ll be playing @ UW-Oshkosh instead. Sound good? Great.”


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but those winning percentages are from last year. Who knows which of those AL teams will be decent this year. Maybe the White Sox have a great team and the Twins are awful after losing Johan. That switches things around right there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Iowa missed OSU and Michigan this season and they didn't even make a bowl.

Richie Rich said...

Hey thanks for the link.

I also think that this might have something to with ticket sales (and therefore, money).

The Cubs will draw fans to Tampa and Toronto whereas Fenway and Yankee Stadium would already be sold out.

Woz said...

Oh come way its about money. No way a professional sports league would have a hidden agenda like that.

Wrigleyville said...

the last time the cubs had the al east ('04, i believe), the cubs had boston and nyy. i think it flip flops.