Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cecil Vs Prince: Round 12

Once again it's Cecil talking about his relationship with Prince...once again he thinks it will all work out:

"He's going to have to come back. Ain't got to apologize for nothing, but my son will come back one day, and we'll have a great relationship."

About Cecil's addiction to getting his gamble on:

On just two days in February 1999, he lost $580,000 at Trump Plaza. According to a lawsuit filed in state Superior Court, Fielder paid off small amounts of the debt until the following year, when Trump Plaza sued him and won a judgment for $563,359.

Oh, and the best part? Cecil is a minor league manager in.....Atlantic City???? Good luck with that big fella. Can you say "Double Down, biatch!!!"

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AP said...

I hope Cecil keeps flappin' his gums. You can pencil Prince in for 60 HR's this year if he does.....