Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Prototypical Open Gym

In efforts to reduce my ever-expanding boiler, I've started to play basketball for the first time in ages. I suck. The only thing that has gotten better is my ability to set picks and talk trash. With that in mind, a link to this hilarious description of Open Gym hoops is a must read.

The Prototypical Open Gym


Travis said...


I always had this image of you in my mind of a stay at home couch potato with cheeto stains on your shirt.

Good for you man. Get rid of that boiler and hoop-it-up!

woziszeus said...

I made a brief resurgence to open-gym basketball over the summer and then quit after missing 7 lay-ups in 1 game.

Basketball is the 1 game which makes me mad as I'm playing it. I'm officially retired.