Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ponch Lands a Job

The Nationals have signed our old pal Johnny Estrada.

This ends an interesting game of merry-go-round at catcher involving the Mets and the Nationals.

The Mets decided to not re-sign catcher Paul LoDuca. Then, as we know, the Mets acquired Estrada from the Brewers for Guillermo Mota, ostensibly to fill LoDuca's place.

But a few days later, the Mets traded for catcher Brian Schneider of the Nationals, who came over in the Lastings Milledge deal. At that point, the Mets decided not to tender Estrada a contract, making him a free agent.

To fill the hole at catcher created by Schneider's departure, the Nationals signed...former Mets catcher Paul LoDuca.

Then, when LoDuca hurt his left knee working out this offseason, the Nationals had another to fill at catcher. Enter Estrada. Good luck with that one, Nationals fans.

This will conclude my review of the catching situation for the Mets and Nationals.

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Woz said...

At least we'll get to hear Czaban blast Estrada at maybe a once a week interval.