Tuesday, January 8, 2008


MLB announced the Hall of Fame voting results today and only Goose Gossage was voted in this year. Jim Rice was close to making it. The Hawk missed out again this year.

Interesting little tidbit from the Journal Sentinel this morning listing the Journal Sentinel votes.

A couple of thoughts. First, I don't know who Bill Windler or Mike Hart are. Perhaps they're retired writers?

Second, take a peek at Mike Hunt's votes, and his reasoning for the votes. This guy is just a gem.


Voted for: Bert Blyleven and Tommy John.

Reasoning: Can't understand why their longevity is held against them.

Mike is obviously so busy regurgitating an old column that he can't even write a complete sentence for his reasoning. And what a well thought out vote! He continues to earn his keep at the Journal Sentinel.

Tom Haudricourt voted for lots of guys, but at least he gives us a little glimpse into his thought process on a couple of them.

Thanks to Garry Howard for telling us that Joe Morgan has such an influence over who he votes for.


brad said...

Well done Mike. That's a really compelling argument.

Goldy said...

He's too busy formulating his "Brewers shouldn't spend money to bring in new players but they need to upgrade their Defense and bullpen" column.

Travis said...

Where is everone lately? The only blogging going is is from Brad (big surprise), Goldy, and Matt.

Go get em Goose!