Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Case For Giving Brett An MVP Vote


His name is Frank Cooney, he’s a veteran sportswriter, and, surprisingly, he’s not based in the Cheese State. The Boston Globe grilled him about his logic, and believe it or not, the guy makes a great point: “As such, it cannot be based on statistics, which reap their own rewards. The term we are addressing here is Most Valuable Player, which I take to mean most valuable to one’s team. It is, at best, an awkward phrase to evaluate, let alone quantify or justify. But, again, mere statistics should not be the sole basis of consideration.

“Tom Brady is a great player on a great team filled with great players in a highly-evolved system and a proven, veteran coach. That team, that franchise was expected to win 14 games and it won 16. Brady was awesome behind an awesome line and with awesome wide receivers in a great system with the help of excellent defense and special teams.”
A show of hands for anyone who predicted 10 wins for the Packers this season.That’s what we thought.

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