Thursday, January 31, 2008

IU/UW Tonight


Goldy said...

Is that Tanner Bronson next to Butch in the Polar Bear pic?

Larry Wayne said...

Matt-awesome Post!
Goldy-Hilarious comment!

Goldy said...

This is a pretty large game for the Badgers, obviously. They play at Minnesota this weekend and that will be no cake walk. A 3 game losing streak is unheard of in the Bo era and now is not the time to start. I don't know if I am more afraid of White or Gordon. Flowers seems to be hit or miss on D this year. As long as they don't call him for fouls fighting through screens, he should be fine. Somebody is going to have to step up for our interior D. I think Steimsma is going to have to produce during his time on the court for the Badgers to win. My prediction: If Morris Cain is in the game, the Badgers win. I'll go with a Badger win 59-54. Krabbenhoft will score between 8-12 points and the team will shoot over 75% on FTs somehow.
BTW, Purdue beat Iowa by 1 at Mackey last night.