Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A guy has his needs...

This might be the best blog of all time...although it is obviously a joke.

Osi Umenyiora likes it a little nasty.

My favorite parts:

"I did invite a friend to join us (My hot girl "L" that has done shoots with me) and he wanted to DEFECATE on her in his bathtub. My GOSH she let him do it but I wanted no part. I'm a freak, but my gosh."

"He began flying me to Florida and Atlanta last summer paying my bills, giving me money for my kids as long as I let him well, "shit" on me."

So that is why Osi always seems light on his feet. I wonder if he'll invite her up to Green Bay for the weekend? If so, she should probably ask for a pay raise to at least 4 grand. After all, its playoff time!


Greatone said...

How much would you pay a chick to shit on her? I know Woz has said in the past he would pay at least $500.

"L" said...

She didn't want to be passed around but she let some 260 pound lineman take a dump on her? At least she has standards.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

How bout a NSWF warning Woz?

Larry Wayne said...

I once worked with a guy in West Virginia that did that with his girlfriend. She wrapped her face in saran wrap and let him go to town.