Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chuck Woodson: "I'm like seasoning..."

"Throw it my way Eli!!" Says Packers CB Chuck Woodson

Solid article by ESPN's John "my head is way too big for my neck" Clayton about the often maligned Packers safeties. Matt - maybe Collins is better than we give him credit for:

"Collins isn't going to the Pro Bowl, but he's on the radar, having been voted as a fourth alternate."

And how about Woodson with this quote:

"I just do it all,'' Woodson joked. "I'm like seasoning. You put me in and I'll make it better."


Goldy said...

Remember, Bubba Franks is also a Pro Bowl alternate.

matt said...

Collins is not better than we give him credit for.

As I said, he couldn't have tackled a snowman last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Bubba is a Pro Bowl alternate this year?? Wow, the other NFC tight ends must really blow.

Anonymous said...

Don't argue with John Clayton Matt...he's the professor!