Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grey Ruegamer Is A Freakshow

Former Packer penalty machine Grey Ruegamer needs a new hobby. He admitted that he used to castrate lambs in his free time....with his own TEETH?? Jeesh...mix in a book or some Connect Four big guy.

"You grab the forelegs and pin them to the ground, and then you grab the back legs and throw them on their back. (Once the groin is exposed) away you go. It’s the way the Basques do it….You pull them out with your teeth, spit them in a bucket, next one. I was hesitant. But it is what it is. She needed help. There was beer. Good times. It was worth it. The blood on your mustache is the worst part. It’s just a little lamb. It’s not a big animal. I have pictures.”

I'm sure the easiest part for him was HOLDING the lamb down...zing!


Anonymous said...

That alone is a reason to root for the Cheatriots to win. He was an ass in GB and he hasn't changed one bit.

Anonymous said...

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