Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chuck's New Sponsor

I'd like to introduce Chuckie's featured sponsor....Uttech Builders. Run by Hack's own frequent contributor MGD Mike. Finally gonna improve your pad with a:

  • Finished Basement?
  • Custom Bar?
  • New Deck?
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Remodel?
  • House Addition?
  • An Entire New Friggin House??

Call Mike at 920-210-0901 to get the job done!!

We now return to regularly scheduled sports musings.


Writers Block said...

Boy is that an all-time low for Brad. Posting advertisements?

Hope this isnt a sign of things to come for 2008.

NASCAR said...

Hey Travis...err I mean Writers are an idiot!

Wrigleyville said...

nice. was the post a part of the sponsorship agreement?

Travis said...

Is Brad Mr. Detective?

sleestak said...

what a coincidence, I am going to be looking for a contractor to build a new garage and reside my house. This will be filed away for future consideration.

Goldy said...

Chuckie Hacks.... Connecting readers with contractors since 2008!
We will now be your home for Brewers, Packers, Badgers, mini-horse, KC Wolf and now, siding talk.