Friday, December 7, 2007

Revisiting a Blockbuster

Remember that huge Carlos Lee-CoCo Cordero trade with Texas? After the smoke cleared, here's where each player ended up:

Brewers Received:
- Fransicso Cordero....Just signed a big free agent deal with Cincinnati
- Kevin Mench....Non-tendered yesterday by Milwaukee
- Laynce Nix...Designated for assignment yesterday by Milwaukee

Texas Received:
- Carlos Lee...Played with Texas for a couple months, then got way too much money by Houston (6 years, $112 million)
- Nelson Cruz...The last guy standing. Hit a Gabe Gross-like .235 in 307 AB's last year with Texas.

As of opening day 2008, it looks like the Brewers traded Nelson Cruz for the compensatory draft picks for losing Cordero. Who knew?


Larry Wayne said...

Chopp good use of the word "compensatory" in this post.

matt said...

Brewers fans did receive a 1.5 year reprieve from Turnbow as closer - that alone was worth it, since we never would have re-signed Lee anyway.

brad said...

I'm not saying it shouldnt have been done...just saying it's wierd how it all played out less than 15 months later.

Larry, shouldn't you be at some strip clubs right now?