Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cubs Front Office Loading Up

I thought this was interesting from the ESPN Winter Meetings blog (which I am addicted to, by the way):

12:40 p.m., from Jerry Crasnick

• The Cubs are talking to former Pirates GM Dave Littlefield about joining the organization in an advisory capacity. Littlefield was fired by Pittsburgh this season and replaced by Neal Huntington.

Yes, we're talking about the same Dave Littlefield.

Asking this guy to join any baseball organization in an advisory capacity is like asking Barry Bonds to help out with media relations.

I support this move, if it happens.


Anonymous said...

Only the Cubs...

sleestak said...

I'm all for it!

Wrigleyville said...

How could the Brewers lose to such a franchise?

matt said...

Oh, I can think of about 300 million reasons. Or $300 million reasons?