Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Closer, Eh?

The Brewers have agreed to a 1-year, $10 million deal with closer Eric Gagne. I like the move because it's pretty low risk (as far as $10 million contracts go) - if he gets hurt or sucks, it's only a 1 year commitment.

I sure hope we just signed this Eric Gagne (in which case this is a good deal):

Or I'd even take this version:

I just hope to hell we didn't get this guy:


Anonymous said...

Agreed. If we get the Texas version, awesome. If its the Boston version...might be one of the more forgettable signings in club history.

Goldy said...

Yesterday, some baseball guy on ESPN News was saying that Bedard to the Reds was all but a sure thing. Reds would give up Homer Bailey and some other prospect. Erg, sounds liek the Reds realize they are in a weak division and are going to make a run at it this year.

matt said...

I hope that doesn't happen. I have Bedard on my fantasy team and I don't want Dusty anywhere near him.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bailey a stud?

Goldys said...

Bailey is a top prospect and if he was in NY he would be the next greatest pitcher ever. However, I believe Bedard is still under contract for 2 or 3 years and if the Reds think they have a shot to win now, it's a trad ethey have to think about.