Friday, November 9, 2007

Would BrewCrew Trade Sheets?

From Tom H's blog on JSOnline:

An unidentified National League executive told Newsday's Ken Davidoff at the general managers meetings in Orlando that Sheets possibly could be pried away from the Brewers this winter.

I wouldn't be opposed to this.

Or, how about moving Sheeter to closer if CoCo doesn't come back? It's obvious he can't stay healthy as a starter, why not try him as closer? It worked for Smoltz.

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Tony said...

Not opposed to it either however the Crew is a different team (staff) when Sheets in the rotation, he seems to get the entire staff to step up. Be interesting to see what they can get for him.

As for closer... See Kerry Wood, both are slow starters, who gain momentum as the game goes on not the 1st inning.

Brad said...

Good points Tony. Last year the team was different without Sheets. However, I remember a couple years ago when they actually had a better record when he was hurt. 2005, maybe. He would no doubt be hard to replace, but they have to replace him at some point every season anyway!

Tony said...

Brad, I said i wouldn't be opposed to it, but I don't see him as a closer.

AP said...

Trade him......every year we need to replace him, and he's still holds a lot of value. If next year he gets injured in June, wouldn't you just feel stupid? Like, "Oh...yeah. Who didn't see that coming?"

matt said...

This is stupid - Sheets' trade value is at its lowest ebb right now. He missed most of the second half of the season with injuries. Unless some GM is willing to ignore the fact that Sheets has missed major time in each of the last three seasons and blows Melvin away with an offer, he's not going anywhere.

AP said...

He was still an All Star this year, though. And, it was never anything major that kept him out (Ear ache, hangnail, sprained eyebrow, etc.) so a GM might not worry as much about the injuries. (Emphasis on MIGHT). And if we are pretty much saying it's a foregone conclusion that Cordero is gone at at 11M per, what happens at the end of '08 if he's an All Star again? No F***ing way we resign him then, especially since that money will need to go toward the other kiddies in the infield around then.

You can't resign him, presumably even if he has an average year next year, and he still was an All Star who threw over 140 innings this year. Obviously not an inning eater, but that's about 75% of a good season, right? I don't know if those are reasons to say his value is low right now. It seems everybody wants pitching. You can't add the salary in '09, so what's the option? Resigning seems unlikely....maybe Mark A opens the wallet and I'm wrong.

My fear, is that we resign him to what is then a record Brewer contract, and then he blows out a shoulder or elbow or something serious. At that point you're stuck, wave bye-bye to FA's over the next 2 years with the sunk money, and then everyone says, "How did you not know he was going to get injured??? The guy would get injured walking into a stiff breeze? It seemed pretty obvious. WTF!?!?"

I guess I shouldn't be so harsh as to say "TRADE HIM!", but I just want Dougie to keep his options open.

matt said...

At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone reading this blog is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I do think his value is low right now, as opposed to, oh, say, right after the All Star break last year? This has nothing to do with the value in general of pitchers around the league, it has to do with the value of Sheets. Would you say that Dontrelle Willis' value is lower right now than it was at the start of last season? Of course. Might Willis' value increase if he has a good start to the season next year? Yep. You'll get a lot less for Sheets now than you might later, if (big if) he can prove he's healthy. So Tom H. is wrong to say that you'll definitely get more for him now than you would at the trade deadline next year.

The only way you'd get less for him then is if he's hurt again.

Here's what's going to happen - Sheets will remain a Brewer next year, will have a good year and tough it out through these pansy injuries because it's a contract year, then he'll walk. If that good year is enough to get the Crew to the playoffs in 2008, I say you've done well to keep him around next year even if he bolts at the end of his contract. I don't see some GM bowling over Melvin for Sheets this offseason.

Garcia said...

If Sheets does next year what he did this year on opening day, I say trade him after that...his value won't be any higher!!
Is Reuben Quevedo still on the market? We need that lard ass back in the rotation. Who doesn't want a "biscuit" on their team?

matt said...

Oh, and AP, I meant no offense with my response - I just have been itching to use my favorite line from Billy Madison and your long comment gave me my opening.

I don't disagree that we can't re-sign Sheets in this pitcher's market, and that signing Sheets to a long-term deal is a bad idea anyway.

I say we ride him in 2008 as long as possible, but be sure to have a backup plan (or two). If things go badly for the team but Sheets is healthy in 2008, then you trade him at the break or the trade deadline next year.

Brad said...

Sheets trade value is high right now because you always get less in season. If he starts out 3-0 with a 1.34, that might be kind of early for a team to blow up half their team for him.

And Matt, I like your thought of riding him out for a 2008 playoff berth...but if we finish 2 out, then what? We lose him for nothing.

AP said...

That's just it.....a small market team can't afford to get nothing for players like Sheets. They sold high with Carlos Lee b/c they knew they couldn't resign him, and that trade got us Cordero for a year and a half.

Anonymous said...

Garcia, great Rueben Quevedo reference...the "Big Burrito" was terrible. He was like 40 pounds overweight.