Friday, November 9, 2007

Tampa Drops the Devil

Carl would look good in a Brewers uni too.

I don't know if they've found religion down in Tampa, but the Devil Rays officially dropped the "devil" from their name in a ceremony last night.

Going forward, they'll now be known as the "Last Place Tampa Bay Rays."


Anonymous said...

That should help.

AP said...

They might soon be better than the Orioles, so that's something.

Then they could be the " 2nd Last Place Tampa Bay Rays."

sleestak said...

I have heard they are trying to sign the Raisin Bran Sun as their new mascot. Can you say "Two Scoops"? Or the new war cry, "mess with us and you'll get burned!"

There is nothing worse that these retarded, abstract logos/mascots (see the Magic or the Heat in the NBA). Can you say "ghey"?