Monday, November 12, 2007

Fainting Goats

So, I am doing some research at work regarding the state representatives in an area where I have a bridge project. It turns out,the state senator for the area has a farm where he raises exotic
animals including llamas, camels, miniature donkeys, and fainting goats.

Matt and I were trying to figure out what a fainting goat is, so a quick google search came up with this riviting video. The best is when the guy opens up the umbrella and they all fall down like bowling pins. Pure comedy gold on a Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

There was a Dirty Jobs episode about these fainting goats. Some sort of genetic mutation that causes them to essentially tense up when they're afraid. Not fainting persay, just tensing up so much they can't stand.

Anonymous said...

That's just creepy.