Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well folks, here it is. The Big One. Today I herd random people in the gas station, day care, and post office all talking Dallas vs Green Bay. That’s pretty cool. Win or lose though, this isn't the end-all. As Favre says, "we can't put all our eggs in one basket." Here's the breakdown (unbiased, like always):

Check out this week’s spreads. Other than New England, Dallas is the biggest favorite in the NFL. You're telling me this is the second biggest mismatch on the schedule? Please. Like I said in an earlier post, I still haven't herd a single person picking Green Bay, not even from Green Bay fans. Do people still not buy this team, or is Dallas just that much better?

No, GB hasn't played the likes of New England, Indy, or Jacksonville. But they haven't played any turds either. Dallas, on the other hand got fat in part by playing the Jets, Miami, and St. Louis (minus Steve Jackson). They did hang with the Pats for a half, which is impressive.

Star Struck?
Hey, did you know Tony Romo was from Wisconsin and grew up a Favre fan? I bet you didn't know that. (Insert sarcasm). I would love for Favre to play Jedi mind tricks on Romo pregame by looking him straight in the eye, give him a stern chuckle, and say: "This game is mine, kid!" Romo just might soil himself. He's a very good QB, no doubt. But, how many big games has he ever won? Heck, how many has he been in? I know, I know, it's been a while since Favre has won a big one too. He has been in a boatload though. The thing that scares me is Romo's slipperiness in the pocket. A healthy KGB would be very welcomed because of his speed. KGB's the kind of guy that can catch Romo from behind while he's escaping the pocket. As for numbers? Romo has 6 MORE interceptions than Favre despite throwing 75 LESS passes. He can get flustered. Plus, the pressure is on Dallas, not Green Bay. They’re the 7 point favorites, and it's at home.

Dallas Defense:
Call me crazy, and I'm ready to eat crow if need be: I like Green Bay's chances to score points vs the Dallas defense more than I like Dallas' chances against Green Bay's. Dallas' secondary just isn't that great in coverage. According to Scouts, Inc, Dallas' safeties Roy Williams and Ken Hamlin can cover shit. GB's the wrong team to have this issue. The front 7 is solid. The two most effective pass rusher's are OLB's (they play a 3-4 scheme) Ware and Ellis. Not only will they be somewhat slowed down by Clifton and Tauscher, but they could spend more time than usual in pass coverage, also decreasing their effectiveness.

Packer Defense:
Dallas is gonna score points. I'm not dumb. Jolly's out and a gimpy Chuck/KGB won't help the situation. Once again, the key is getting pressure rushing 4, like they've done all year. The LBs need to cover Witten and Barber out the back field well. Witten is gonna make plays, but I'm also big on Barber. This guy is a beast. Thankfully Dallas attended the "Brad Childress School of RB Usage" and they give the far inferior Julius Jones plenty of touches. The Dallas running game is a bit overrated as I really believe many of their yards have come in the 4th quarter trying to run out the clock in blowouts. I've seen this happen in multiple games. TO is TO. He's gonna make plays. As is Witten (114yards?).

Ryan Grant Me!
Grant has been running the ball very well...set up by the pass. Dallas comes in 4th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed. Then again, Grant shredded Minny's #1 ranked run D, and the Lions are also in the top 10. Look for Grant to be a big factor in the passing games as well.

I remember when Dallas beat GB in the 90's there was talk that the Texas Stadium "crown" of the field was really high. A few early sideline throws from Favre will be airmailed into the second row.

Bottom Line:
I think the fact that they are the “mighty” Cowboys are making people scared. If these guys were wearing Arizona Cardinals gear, they would still be a very, very good team, to be sure. But people wouldn't be afraid. They see that damn star, that stupid stadium with a giant hole in the roof, Jerry Jones' plastic grill, Tony Romo banging Jessica Simpson and are in awe. This wont work on McCarthy and his meat and potatoes attitude. His lads will follow his lead and put in a workman like effort. Would you expect anything else from a McCarthy-coached team this year?

Green Bay 35, Dallas 30


brad said...

Somebody does agree with me....

AP said...

I think Marino picked the Pack on Inside the NFL also......

woziszeus said...

Romo needs 2 picks minimum and we need a couple long returns on special teams in order to win...

Its gonna be close no matter what

Bill said...

Romo was a Montana fan and wore 16 in HS. The only Montana fans I knew growing up were girls (my sister).

I bet Matt does not agree with you chopper...

I pick Dallas in a squeeker but I hope to be wrong.


Tony said...


You said the only fans of Montana you knew were girls (plural) but only listed your sister. I feel it is safe to say that means the "other" fan/girl would have to be Barrett. Nice.

brad said...

Matt's on record as Dallas 38, GB 17. Which is actually good...Matt's been wrong with the Packers all year!

brad said...

Matt's on record as Dallas 38, GB 17. Which is actually good...Matt's been wrong with the Packers all year!