Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dallas is 17-1 and Already In The Super Bowl

Thought I would check out the Dallas Morning News website to see the Big Game breakdown from their side. Wow...reading most of these stories, Dallas is already 17-1 and in the Super Bowl. Every game from here on out is just a minor pebble in the road. As for the Packers...I haven't seen any official predictions from the writers, but I'm guessing they will be about 42-13. Here's a small example from a writer's blog:

"No disrespect meant to KGB, who has been one of the elite speed rushers of the 2000s, but I don't think the Cowboys are too worried about him. That's how good LT Flozell Adams has been this season, especially recently."


AP said...

Uh....OK. But if this guy hasn't checked the rosters recently, KGB is about 3rd on our depth chart for DE's. He typically only plays about 20 snaps per game. They should pay a little more attention to #74 on the other side when referencing elite pass rushers these days.

This is like saying the Packers aren't too worried about the Clifton/Jay Ratliff matchup. Which I'm sure they aren't.....

Real Debate said...

I feel better about this every thing I read.