Monday, November 12, 2007

Braun Wins Rookie Of The Year

By a mere two votes, Brauntasarus wins the NL Rookie of the Year. Story.


matt said...

One voter thought Kyle Kendrick was more deserving of rookie of the year than Ryan Braun.

Kendrick got a 2nd place vote, Braun a 3rd place vote on that particular ballot.

Apparently he's a pitcher for the Phillies.

sleestak said...

That writer ought to have his credentials pulled. I can see not voting for Braun for first place, but clearly, the top two rookies were Braun and Tulowitzki were the top NL rookies.

Now let's hope that Braunny doesn't pull a Listach and disappear.

matt said...

In reading message boards on and, newly minted Colorado Rockies fans are all atwitter about Braun beating out their boy Troy.

Their argument is that he's such a good defender and Braun is brutal.

I can see that, to a point - but there's an award for good defenders already - the Gold Glove. Braun had an epic rookie season offensively - Troy was pretty good defensively and had a really nice year at the plate (although his numbers outside of Coors were pedestrian). I think the writers got it right, although I'm surprised that they did.