Monday, October 15, 2007

Your Week 6 NFL QBs

While I have some time to kill between work and the Milwaukee Engineers and Architects Bowling League tonight, I figured I would take a quick look at who closed out games at QB for all the NFL teams in week 6.

Minnesota: Tarvaris Jackson This guy blows. Has a career passer rating of 56.3 with 9 picks and 4 TDs. His sole job should be handing the ball off to Peterson.

Chicago: Brian Griese Before the season started, I said the Bears would be in trouble if this guy was the QB. Didn't he trip and crack his head open in his own driveway after being messed up on Ecstasy? Hope to see Orton Time soon.

Miami: Cleo Lemon Quick, name me the college Cleo went to? If you guessed Arkansas State, you win. He could be Chet Lemon's son.

Cleveland: Derek Anderson Amazingly, one of the 10 best QBs in the league. Remember last year when the only stories about him were about his size 17 feet? Looks like it may be a while before the Quinn era hits Indians-town. (By the way, with the Cavs in the finals, the Indians fighting for the Series and the Browns playing good, Cleveland is having a hell of a run)

Green Bay: Brett Favre Looking good this year.

Washington: Jason Campbell Young guy, but he should be good. Would help if his WRs would catch some balls every now and then.

Cincinnati: Carson Palmer Hasn't been the same since he got the van Olhoffen treatment. That team is a mess.

Kansas City: Damon Huard Amazingly has led the Chiefs to a 3-3 start. The prototypical, please don't lose us the game QB.

Philly: Donovan McNabb Still hanging in there. Either really good or really bad.

Jets: Chad Pennington From most reports, it sounds like the Chad Pennington era has about 1 week left and it's hello Kellen Clemons. Due to arm injuries, Pennington can no longer throw a ball longer than 10 yards.

Tennessee: Kerry Collins You can not win NFL games with a washed up racist alcoholic QB. Young should be back next week.

Tampa Bay: Jeff Garcia Really? This guy is still a productive NFL QB? Good for Jeff. He is also doing good in the wife department.

Houston: Matt Schaub He looks decent so far. I am sure the Falcons would love to have him. Will be a good NFL QB, but a Super Bowl winner? I don't know.

Jacksonville: David Garrard He is solid and a QB that usually won't kill his own team, but definitely has Just A Guy potential.

St. Louis: Gus Frerotte Are you shitting me? Honestly, you are in trouble when old head butt Gus is your QB. The highlight of this game was Gus getting hurt with a minute to play and even though down 19, the Rams brought in a back up WR to kneel the last 2 plays of the game. Has a losing team ever kneeled out the clock before?

Baltimore: Kyle Boller I think Boller is also a J.A.G., but if i am a Ravens fan, I would probably rather see him than McNair. McNair has been a warrior, but I think its time for him to hang it up before we see HBO specials in 20 years where McNair can't walk.

Carolina: Vinny Testaverde Vinny won the Heisman 21 years ago I think he may be 108 years old.

Arizona: Tim Rattay A week ago he was throwing balls to Koren Robinson at some work out center in Arizona. Now he is throwing to Larry Fitzgerald in real NFL games. I think that is an upgrade.

New England: Tom Brady Slightly above J.A.G status.

Dallas: Tony Romo Hey, did you know he is from Burlington? Good Qb, but needs to step up in the bigger games.

Oakland: Dante Culpepper It takes a lot of meat from behind to bring him down.

San Diego: Phillip Rivers This guy sucks. I say that as a less than thrilled Phillip Rivers fantasy qb owner.

New Orleans: Drew Brees Should just be thankfully he doesn't have to throw against Jamar Fletcher every week.

Seattle: Matt Hasselbeck This guy just never took it to that next level. Has regressed some. Knee injury didn't help.

Monday Night Edit
Giants: Eli Manning Well, I am sure he is a better QB that Brett Favre's brother.

Falcons: Joey Harrington First class turd sandwich. That sad part is that after Leftwich replaces him next week, he still will get a starting shot with 2 more teams. This guy is like Brian Griese. He does play the piano, so he has that going for him.


Terrell Owens said...

I thought Garcia is Gay?

Brad said...

Did you see the stat that Testeverde was born 9 days BEFORE JFK got shot. That's impressive.

matt said...

I enjoyed hearing that Morton Anderson is still kicking in the NFL. I think that he is 47. No lie.

Anonymous said...

The real question is how many players from Super Tecmo Bowl are still in the league? Feagles is kicking for the Giants.

matt said...

Testaverde was likely handing off to Reggie Cobb on Tampa Bay in Super Tecmo Bowl. Morton Anderson was a grizzled 14-year veteran at that point.