Monday, October 15, 2007

Blown Calls Against Packers

Pete King didn't think much of the two calls that cost Green Bay 11 points:

Referee Terry McAulay's crew at Green Bay-Washington, for an overall poor job and costing the Packers two legitimate touchdowns. First, there was a pathetic holding call on right tackle Mark Tauscher, negating one Favre touchdown pass; there was nothing close to a hold on the play. Last year, the officials were told not to call offensive holding unless it was something an official actually saw. Well, there's no way an official saw holding on Tauscher. Never happened. Then, a second Packers TD throw was negated when Bubba Franks cleanly caught a pass in the corner of the end zone with one foot down before getting driven out of the end zone by Washington cornerback Fred Smoot. Incomplete. Insane.

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AP said...

....and now the officials are apologizing for ONE of the bad calls. Again, in reality I think the Packers were about 21 points better than the 'Skins on Sunday, but the zebras thought a 3 point game would be more entertaining.