Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our fearless leader making out with an ump.

Sorry Woz, The Life Of Zeus has been replaced by as the best site on the net. Can't believe it took me until after the season to come across this site! Damnit! The latest entry shows Ned quoting Robert E. Lee, of all people??

Yost dived into the Internet and came up with a comment from Robert E. Lee, who in 1863 reportedly said that his "fatal mistake was to appoint all our worst generals to command our armies and all our best generals to edit the newspapers."

Man, if he's bent out of shape from Brewer fan, what would he do managing in Boston or New York? Anyway, this site has even created a verb: Yosted. I.E. "The North Yosted Atlanta during the Civil War," to put it in words Ned would like.


AP said...

Yeah...good site. It's run by a guy (Marty) who has some real good comments on some other Brewer sites/blogs. It inspired us, so the name of our fantasy football league is "Yosted!" I know that has even gotten some radio attention on the postgame show in Milwaukee. I wonder if there is a

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Brewer management is aware of this site. Maybe Melvin started it?