Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Plays at That Arena?

Looking at today's J-S NBA section, they gave a quick recap of each team which included the arena they play at. Wow, I did not know what some of these arenas are called nowdays. Some are obvious (Charlotte Bobcats Arena, New Orleans Arena), some are known for being famous or in the Midwest (Staples Center, MSG, United Center, The Palace), others are just plain ridiculous. Without the help of Google, tell me who plays in these arenas:
  • Verizon Center
  • Energy Solutions Arena (my favorite)
  • Oracle Arena
  • Amway Arena
  • AT&T Center
  • Toyota Center
  • US Airways Center
  • Phillips Arena

Finally you have the American Airlines Center and American Airlines Arena. I know the teams, Heat and Mavs, but I could not tell you which one played in the Center and which one played in the Arena.

If they ever build a new arena in Milwaukee, hopefully it will be called the Usinger's Center or Johnsonville Brats Arena.


Brad said...

Amway Arena? Isn't Amway that door-to-door pyramid scheme junk? Nice.

I'm pretty sure Phillips is in Atlanta. Why I know that, no idea.

matt said...

Verizon in DC for the Bullets?