Friday, October 26, 2007

Today's Mini-Horse News

Regular horse to Thumbelina: I eat pieces of s!@# like you for breakfast.
A touching story about Thumbelina, the world's smallest miniature horse, from the Christian Science Monitor. 17.5 inches tall, apparently.
My favorite part of the story?
One highlight of the trip so far, Mr. Goessling says, was when Thumbelina was invited onto the field of the Chicago White Sox baseball team, and the entire stadium applauded. She also made an appearance at a famous horse race called the Kentucky Derby, and she celebrated her birthday at a party given by the Kentucky Derby Museum.
A "famous horse race called the Kentucky Derby", eh? Never heard of it.

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Goldy said...

I am also glad they mentioned the "Chicago White Sox baseball team." That is good because i would have confused them with the Chicago White Sox knitting club.

Also check out the link on that page about NFL and MLB loosing team chams t-shirts to see peole in Nambia wear Chicago Bears Super Bowl 41 Champions gear. Good times.