Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time to Check on Mike Hunt

It's been a while since I sampled a Mike Hunt article, so I thought I'd give this one a try.

Goodness. What in the name of Mitch Albom is that article about?

I tried to decipher a point to the column, but my head started hurting so I quit. Is it that the Brewers should be in the NLDS because the Diamondbacks could make it? Is it that the Brewers should feel that they're on the right track because the Diamondbacks are in the NLDS? Is it that Doug Davis pitches like a three-toed sloth? Or is every paragraph its own little column, so that there are actually 15 different trains of thought going on there?

Good to see that Hunt is still in mid-season form. I keep seeing that Journal Communications is having revenue problems - my sense is the fact that Hunt steals money from them on a bi-weekly basis doesn't help the bottom line.


Anonymous said...

I bet if he turned in that article as a homework assignment for a HS English class, he'd get about a C-.

This guy sucks.

Anonymous said...

For all of you Brewer geeks out there, I heard Matt LaPorta dropped a bomb this morning in the fall ball game. Maybe the point is that some of the minor leaguers are currently in Arizona playing games. Almost as bad as Chicago talk radio...did you know that the reason the Cubs choked is because they were "favored" in the series. Did you know that if the Cubs were playing MNF against the Cowboys they would have to spot them 6 and a half? People really said that.

Anonymous said...

Apparently he writes like his name implies...

Goldy said...

Once LaPorta got healthy he tore up rookie League ball for all of 6 days before continuing to be hot at Low A. He will be a starting OF in '09.