Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peter King Blames Turnovers, Not MM


From Todd Swanson, of Dodgeville, Wis.: "Do you think that the Packers lost because of the turnovers, or because the coaching staff instituted the prevent offense upon the start of the second half?''

I was asking about the Packers' offensive play-calling midway through the second half too. Sometimes I think coaches get a lead in the second half and think: Our defense is good enough to hold on. We've just got to bleed the clock. Well, after Green Bay ran for 102 yards in the first half, you just knew the options were going to be run first, run second, run third. And in the first 17 minutes of the second half, Green Bay threw it twice. (It didn't help that one was an interception, a silly one by Brett Favre to Brian Urlacher.) But overall, Green Bay lost this game because it didn't take care of the ball, not because Mike McCarthy got so right-wing.


matt said...

I blame Ted Thompson. Randy Moss would have come down with that hail mary in the end zone.

Brad said...

Ha. I blame Ned Yost

Goldy said...

I'll tell you who it was, I blame that damned Sasquatch

woziszeus said...

The Packers lost the game because of the turnovers...end of story.