Thursday, October 25, 2007

Denver Also Loved Harrell

Many questioned TTs pick of Justin Harrell in the first round. The Packers were in pretty good shape at D-Line, but TT liked him too much to pass up. Apparently, he wasn't the only one. Denver probably would have taken the Big Fella the very next pick, according to

The Denver Broncos probably would have taken Harrell with the very next selection. With Harrell off the board, the Broncos took Florida defensive end Jarvis Moss at No. 17. "We were trying to decide with direction we were going to go," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said today during a conference call with reporters who cover the Packers. "We had Harrell, and we had Jarvis. We were kind of split, but we liked Harrell a lot."

So the Packers weren't the only team unafraid of Harrell's injury history after playing only three games during his final season at Tennessee due to a torn biceps tendon.

"He was a man amongst boys," Shanahan said. "He had everything you look for a in defensive tackle."

"Anytime you don't go through a full offseason program, especially as a young guy, and you don't get the reps, I think you judge a guy like that next year," Shanahan said. "It's really hard to judge a player that doesn't go through the OTAs and doesn't get a full dose of what it's about. "We had Trevor Pryce, and his first year he hardly played for us and ended up being a Pro-Bowl player. I think those defensive linemen, if you get them to play the first year, it's a bonus. Usually the second year, you find out if you've got something or not."


matt said...

I love lamp.

Anonymous said...

Great points by Shanahan just look at Jolly Rancher this year