Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Couple of Thoughts

Couple of thoughts for my Saturday....

1. I sure hope Woz didn't really bet the farm on Wisconsin at +2.5. If so, he should contact me - I have a room in my guest house that I could probably spare until he gets back on his feet. Seriously, is there anything worse than watching a defense that can't stop anybody? It's bad when you're weak up the middle - D-tackles can't plug any holes, starting middle linebacker gets pulled because he's never in the right place, and the safeties blow. [Editor's note: Matt doesn't have a guest house, unless you count the tent...]

2. Cubs finish the season at 85-80. Brewers finish up at 83-79. Doug Melvin issued a press release declaring the Brewers division champs for 2007, given that the Brewers are a game ahead in the loss column and won't play again until March 31, 2008.

3. I think Stanford over USC at home might be more shocking than Appalachian State over Michigan. Or at least really close.

4. Either Arizona or Colorado is going to be in the World Series. Anyone who says they predicted one of those two teams in the Fall Classic is full of shit.

5. Kaz Matsui should be MVP of that divisional series. Who would have ever thought that the Phillies would intentionally walk him to get to Troy "I better not steal ROY from Brauntosaurus" Tulowitzki in a key spot in the 7th. More salt in the wound for Mets fans, who must be really hating life right now.

6. At least Zambrano will be well rested for Opening Day...

7. I think Mendenhall just scored another touchdown for Illinois.

8. Registering for baby gifts at Babies 'R Us is awesome. Nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

9. Watching the Badgers lose on fast forward on my DVR wasn't nearly as bad as it would have been if I'd have watched them lose live.

and....10. Florida - LSU was the best college football game that I've watched since the Oklahoma-Boise State bowl game., shocked, to see a white RB leading the charge for the Tigers.


woziszeus said...

Didn't get any action on the game...but I did cancel my golf match to watch it...big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Wisc doesn't play Northwestern this year...that spread offense would score 35 vs Bucky.