Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

More news is surfacing on the cheating scandal at Indiana University based on a report that IU sent to the NCAA infractions committee.

The best part of the story involves Head Coach Cheatin' Kelvin Sampson's cell phone. Seems some of these impermissible calls he was participating on were "three-ways" when another coach would patch Cheatin' in with a recruit.

Some of the three-way calls occurred because a recruit's call to Sampson was dropped, the report said. Senderoff would then help the person reconnect with Sampson by using impermissible three-way calls. The report noted that Sampson's home is several miles outside Bloomington and that his cell phone reception there is "spotty at best."

Everybody knows that once you get several miles outside of Bloomington, you just can't get any damn cell service. Where the hell are all those Verizon Wireless network guys?

These guys won't follow you once you get several miles outside of Bloomington - it's in the fine print of your wireless contract, you dope.

This was apparently done despite ample guidance to the contrary from the University to Sampson and his staff.

However, included in the report was an e-mailed memo dated June 13, 2006, to Sampson, Senderoff and other coaches from Jennifer Brinegar, IU assistant athletics director for compliance.

In it, she included a clarification of the infractions committee on the penalties. The fourth item listed stated, "The assistant coaches may not bring Coach Sampson in on a 3-way call with a prospect, parent or coach, even if the call originated from the prospect, parent or coach."

It also states that Sampson isn't allowed to return dropped calls.
Time to switch your cell phone plan, sir.


Wrigleyville said...

i always find it cute when wisconsin fans get all worked up over iu basketball. really, it's entertaining.

Matt said...

This has nothing to do with IU - it would be entertaining to me if it were Northwestern's coach. A head coach getting in trouble with the NCAA, at least in part, because his cell phone plan sucks.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Sampson get in some hot water at OU with a text message situation? Someone needs to teach this guy some Cell Phone 101.

AP said...

I went to the UW/IU football game this weekend. It seems to me that if there was any area that Indiana should try to bend the rules a little bit for recruiting, they might want to try focusing on the football team instead. That team looked like a high school squad....there was never a time in that game were I was even remotely concerned that IU would get into the endzone.

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